Development and Usability of KMBM Gamification Kit in Local Wisdom with 4C Skills to Improve Students’ Understanding of Compound Nouns

Author(s)          : (1) Mohd Shahril Izwan bin Mustafa P-PD0290/21(R), (2) Ahmad Afandi bin Yusri P-PD0264/21(R), (3) Maznah binti Ramli P-PD0247/21(R), (4) Salmiza binti Mohd Sahid P-PD0293/21(R), (5) Muhamad Subki bin Tajjudin P-HD0103/21(R)

Institution         : Universiti Sains Malaysia

Category           : Power Point Slides

Topics                : Education

Powerpoint can be downloaded HERE

Watch the presentation video HERE

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