The Path of Assessment and Evaluation Index System of Government Ecological Environment Protection


Author(s)          : (1) Chen Mei P-SEM0009/21(R), (2) Damilola Fisayo Adebayo P-SD0060/21(R), (3) Ku Shanshan P-SD0077/21(R), (4) Pang Siu Kim S-ED0130/21(R), (5) Talabi Amos Olatunbosun P-ED0172/21(R), (6) Wen Zaihua P-SED0076/21(R), (7) Yang Zheng P-SD0078/21(R)

Institution         : Universiti Sains Malaysia

Category           : Power Point Slides, Video

Topics                : Environment, Government

Powerpoint can be downloaded HERE

Watch the presentation video HERE

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