The Perspective of Positive Psychology, the Mental Health of Impoverished Undergraduates Study


Author(s)          : (1) Zhang Qing P-PD0158/21(R), (2) Zuo Chunrong P-PD0242/21(R), (3) Xie Zhenzhen P-PD0277/21(R), (4) Li Feifei P-PD0168/21(R), (5) Du Xiaoyan P-PD0174/21(R), (6) Hu Xue P-PD0167/21(R), (7) Chen Ying P-PD0129/21(R)

Institution         : Universiti Sains Malaysia

Category           : Power Point Slides, Video

Topics                : Psychology, Health, Education

Powerpoint can be downloaded HERE

Watch the presentation video HERE

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