Comparative Research on the Sustainable Development of Teaching Staff in Private Colleges and Universities in China


Author(s)          : (1) Huang Jinfeng P-TD0057/21(R), (2) Yin Liang P-PD0184/21(R), (3) Qi Wudi P-PD0162/21(R), (4) Liu Xiaoyang P-PD0244/21(R), (5) Li Lingsong P-PD0171/21(R), (6) Ning Qian P-PD0165/21(R), (7) Hou Jing P-PD0134/21(R), (8) Duan Huanhuan P-PD0245/21(R)

Institution         : Universiti Sains Malaysia

Category           : Power Point Slides

Topics                : Development

Powerpoint can be downloaded HERE

Watch the presentation video HERE

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