I’m actually too lazy overhear the clash of my parents, everyday even trivial though always debated. I feel sorry for my father. My father always yelled at, insulted, and humiliated by my mother, my father simply replied, “Do not be exaggerated, later heard by the children.” He replied with smooth tones, “If you were a father, do not to blame me!” Replied my mother with a loud voice, “It’s been done before, please low your voices, it’s not good if our children hear it.” Dad still responded with subtle tones. Well that’s right, only my father were watching us.

Oh! My name is Dinda, I was a student in a famous college and my study few months remain I’ll graduate. My sister names is Dista. She was naive, ingenious, and adorable. She always asks me about anything, including the problem of my parents, “Why Mom not come yet home?” With a voice that spoiled tugging on my sleeve, “Yeah dear, Mom would be come home. May be she is busy just now, so she was comes late “. I replied softly, “Then why only Dad who always left early, why not Mom?” Dista asked curiously, “Yeah dear, Dad is not too busy. However, Mom may be has a lot of works in the office “. I replied, while stroking long hair’s sister, “Oh! But, Mom would take the gift for me later “. She replied innocently.

Dista was a very cute little sister for me. Although, our parents always quarrel, she did not what actually happened. Indeed she was a child, entered a five years old in January yesterday. How well of my life, my father was a businessman of car rental and my mother was a director of big private enterprise, so that our needs were always can be done. In spite of all that, our joy fulfilled in physical abundance. However, it feels empty without more love from my mother. My mother was too busy with her work and less attention to me, especially my sister.

Time gone so fast for me, day by day and months turned into another months without care with my rustling feeling and soul. By today, I had graduated with honors Cumlaude predicate and one more thing adds my happiness that I was got a scholarship S2 (Post Graduated) to continued my studies at Harvard University (USA). The idea which I was craved, now had pick me up. I was very proud to be able gave a little happiness for my parents. Actually, I did not want to separate with Dista, my mother, and especially my father. But, for the sake of my future, they allow me.

One morning on the day of my departure. I was felt soft voice in my ears, “Din, Din woke up dear, you’ll be late”. Father’s voice woke me for breakfast, “Yes Dad, I’m down in few minutes later”. I replied huskily while relaxes my hands, “Dad and Mom waiting at the dining table”. Dad replied with a soft tone.

After showering, brushing teeth, and wearing clothes with a steady. Do not forget also my suitcases and other belongings passport, books, visa, etc. assisted by my father. I rushed to the dining table. After was closed at the dining table, father quickly pulled out a chair for me with a gentle smile and said, “Come here Dinda, let Dad prepare breakfast for you”. “Yeah, Dad!” I replied while followed the father’s soft tone, “Din, this morning I have an important meeting. So, I can’t take you, let your Dad drive you “. My mother open her speech, “Oh! Yes Mom, it doesn’t matter”. I replied. Although, I was sad about it.

After breakfast, I was packed up all my things that already packed so far. Today I prepared for my living to USA. With the spirit and alertness of my father who was picking up my stuff, makes me felt very proud and pity to saw the figure who is so patient and full of compassion.

Arriving at the Salahuddin Airport, when I was grind and turned my feet, I felt so heavy and my feet glued to the ground. This heart felt so heavy to leave Dista, mother, and father. But, I tried fervent my heart and believe it’s was just a hunch heavy sense to leave my family, “Din, I would tell you that if you in there. Do not forget to pray, eat regular and diligent study. God willing, father and mother. Although, she did not have time to take you, will always pray for your future, kid”. Father advised me, “Yes, well, Dinda will always remember the advice of father and mother!” I replied with spirit.

Kiss both hands of my father, then I turn away. However, return these legs felt glued to the earth, my plane stairs while waving to the father who is self-standing over there. Then, I tried to inhale slowly and sitting quietly. After 10 minutes of waiting for the plane to take off, my phone rang, I lift, and suddenly my whole body was limp and seemed not to believe what just I heard. I got down and ran out while sobbing at full speed, my heart collapsed. My father had an accident and left me and my family forever. After my father was pass away, I always shut myself in the room. Cried and recalled the times which ever I had with my father. A few days saw my conditions, my mother approached and began to concern me and Dista. “Din, actually there is something that Mom wants to convey. Your Dad was a good man and very loving me. One day, I came home from work late at night, and thugs raped me, then I being pregnant on you, and people who wanted to marry me with sincerity is your father”. Mother wept and regretted every gesture she did to my father. My tears fall down in the arms of my mother. My heart was broken, my soul was dying without my father beside me.

Muhammad Syarif Hidayatullah
Bogor, 04/01/2024

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Muhammad Syarif Hidayatullah, S.Hum. (Teacher at Sekolah Al-Azhar BSD@Metland, Bogor & Executive Director at Salajapustaka Institute)

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