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Article Competition by i-WIN Library

Registration: 23 July – 30 August 2021
Submission: 23 July – 30 August 2021
Deadline : 30 August 2021
Announcement: 6 September 2021
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Theme & Sub-theme

Themes: The works of writers from Nusantara or writings about Nusantara from any perspectives

Sub-theme: Philosophy, Science, Literature, Environment, Religion, Archeology, Agriculture, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Politics, Health, Technology, Communication, Psychology, Business, Economy, Education, Geography, Mathematic


Registration: 23 July – 30 August 2021
Submission: 23 July – 30 August 2021
Deadline : 30 August 2021
Announcement: 6 September 2021 time, work, clock-5193038.jpg

Terms & Conditions (Read this!)

  • This competition is open for all people from countries in Nusantara including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and also other countries outside Nusantara region
  • Participants can be individual or a group
  • Participants may pick one of sub-theme or combine more than one of sub-theme
  • Participants may submit more than 1 writing
  • Articles will be published on i-WIN Library website
  • Articles can be the result of a study or research, university assignment, creative writings or opinion
  • Authors retain the copyright of their writings
  • Length:
    Opinion: minimum 750 words
    Scientific/ Academic/ Editorial Article: minimum 3000 words (including bibliography)
  • Articles must be authentic!
  • Articles have not been submitted yet in any similar competition, and must not contain plagiarism
  • Articles have not been published in any platform
  • Articles can be written either in English or Bahasa (Bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia)
  • There is no any specific format for scientific/academic/editorial article. At least, the article must state:
    • Title
    • Introduction
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography 
  • Authors must declare the authenticity of their writings through Declaration of Authenticity Letter provided below
  • Declaration of Authenticity can be downloaded here.
    Declaration of Authenticity
  • Guideline for letter of authenticity:
    • Download the letter from the link above or here Declaration of Authenticity
    • Fill in the letter
    • Put the scan of your signature in the letter
    • Convert the file to pdf or jpg/jpeg/png
    • the file is ready to be uploaded to the registration form
  • Article must be submitted through the form provided below (scroll down!)

Registration is Closed

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